About Me

I have been working with shamanism for over 15 years having, like many people, hunted around for much longer than that to find my spiritual home. I always knew that there was something I had to do and shamanic work has given me the opportunity to fulfil my purpose and get on with life as it should be. I am happy to use my shamanic knowledge and skills to help, advise and guide others in their search for direction, purpose or healing.

I find that shamanic work is practical, enlightening and direct. I offer skills training for those just stepping onto their path and guidance for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and develop their abilities. My work also offers the possibility of comfort for the bereaved and help for those already beyond the veil of physical reality.

Personal empowerment using the shamanic technique of journeying discovers your spirit helpers, strengthens your ability to heal, and seeks information, advice and help for you along your path. Soul retrieval, extraction or depossession may form a part of your path to healing and are a large part of a shaman’s skill set. Work may also encompasses ceremony, ritual and blessings for individual or community needs. I am continually grateful to my teachers in the physical world and to my spirit teachers, guides and helpers without whom no work would be possible.

I have experience in many aspects of shamanic work including power retrieval, healing (which may include soul retrieval, soul part integration, extraction, depossession and curse unravelling). Ancestral healing, past life enquiry, trans-generational difficulties and dealing with unfinished business. My cleansing and purification ceremonies can be effective in rebalancing the energies of buildings. Blessings for new homes, weddings and other unique individual needs have formed part of my work. Ceremonies and ritual at various times and places may be undertaken for the land, the elements of life and natural and manmade environments.

Shamanic work is available to people of all faiths and cultures. For the newly bereaved it offers help to move forward with loving acceptance and thanks. I combine shamanic traditions with Buddhist ways in my help for lost souls and restless spirits, mediations in the liminal period (coma, near-death and just after death), soul rescue and pathfinding. In classical shamanic tradition this is called psychopomp work.

I am a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, the Core Shamanic Practitioner Circle, the London Open Drumming Group, and the International Shamanic Community – which is a network of small groups across the world for students of the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies taught by Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Høst – my first teachers.

I have also worked with shaman teachers including Malidoma Somé to develop my ritual community work, and to work with the ancestors and the elements. With Myron Eshowsky, to study conflict resolution, peace-making, and working with terminal illness; and alongside Betsy Bergstrom I have studied the skills needed for compassionate depossession and curse unravelling work.

Since 2007 I have combined my one-to-one sessions and group work with travel in Transbailkal, South east Siberia, and Mongolia and have been privileged to work there with local shamans. I honour their teachings and am grateful for their kindness and willingness to pass on their knowledge of the traditional shaman that has enriched my life and my work.

I am dedicated to training and mentoring and am passionate about empowering people to enter smoothly into their next stage of life, helping them to let go of whatever blocks and obstacles they are experiencing that hold them back. When wisdom is gained through shamanic work and then manifested in daily life the true self begins to shine. Decision making becomes less fraught and one may move forward. I find that those working within a shamanic framework and philosophy of life are better able to walk their path with a compassionate heart. Daily life becomes more meaningful, has more breakthroughs, and holds more love for the individual seeker and others. Those who can journey in a safe and disciplined manner for themselves have available to them, from the spirit world, help, information, and the opportunity to receive advice-before-action. Also, a heighten awareness of nature and a remembering of the interconnectedness of all things enhances existence, and brings delight and joy.

The benefits of shamanic work are many and various. You do not have to learn to journey in order to benefit from the healing work, but by learning to make shamanic journeys in the company of a spirit helper, you can come to identify your way forward and work on it to fully participate in your life path. You step out towards your potential and learn to nurture, nourish and develop yourself in a compassionate way. Your body learns to dance, and your core spirit, the essential you, learns to join in. The shamanic path is not always easy. It sometimes gives challenges – but, through journeying to seek advice or help from your personal spirit helpers, you remember your inner strengths. This work is life affirming, and along its path you can find guidance, friendship and community that can help you manifest your newfound knowledge. We need to look after ourselves and the earth in community with others – we are all one.