Singing with Nightingales Fingringhoe Wick, Essex

singing with nightingalesApril 16th 2017 @ 6:30 pm to April 17th 2017 @ 12:30 am

A unique experience of starlit walks in English woodland by the River Blackwater, at Fingrinhoe Wick Nature Reserve. Listen to a rare concert by wild nightingales and special guest musicians lead by Sam Lee.

Share an evening of feast, story and song around the campfire, gain wildlife insights, eat vegetarian food and listen to stories about the magical nightingale.

For details and to book please visit the website for SingingwithNightingales. This event is taking place in association with the local Wildlife Trust.

Guest House in Ulaanbaatar

My friend in UB has opened a guest house in town. Khan Uul District, not far from the Bodg Khaan Palace Museum. One of my most favourite places.

The Bodg Khaan Palace now consists of seven Summer Prayer Temples and the Winter Palace. The museum has a fabulous collection of rare and valuable objects relating to the political, religious and artistic history of Mongolia from the 17th to the 20th Century.

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Our Journey was Amazing

Наше путешествие было восхитительно
report on the reindeer project trip to buy three new breeding deer.

Our journey was amazing. It was very difficult to organize and happened later than planned.

In the first days of August we left for Tofalaria, which place can only be reached by helicopter. First we had walked through to the area, where gold is mined, and from there we were able to take a, very expensive, flight which was delivering benzine. We boarded the machine early one morning but left only in the morning of the next day! After we left the helicopter we had a remote trek to our friends’ village. The weather was warm and we planned to walk for two days. However, it came about that although we were lucky at the first fords, at the later river crossings we were not able to cross for a long time. The currents were strong and all that turned up was risky and dangerous.

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Siberian Drums

shamanic work 1For a Siberian shaman, his treasured drum, whether decorated or not is a means by which he undertakes his journey, with the help of his spirits, into the realms of non-ordinary reality. It is also a container for helper spirits at the time of journeying. The drum will often carry drawings and designs, unique to each shaman, that represent his strengths and the composition of his worlds.

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