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NATURE in its pristine glory, free from human manipulation, expresses the universal state of Unconditional Love that offers us nourishment and, if we are able to hear them, the teachings that our bodies and souls need to survive. It is becoming harder and harder to hear the voice of nature, to pay attention to its wisdom and to understand its lessons.

Practise to observe nature’s plants and creatures. Be grateful for their fruits and other foods as they are given with Love and offer from within themselves the strengths that sustain and the purity that heals. Allow yourself to be open to the worldly manifestations of subtle universe. Learn about the cycles of life: water, minerals, the cosmos, the natural year – and more. It is their hidden forces that shape our lives – always did and always will. Explore beyond the boundary of our 21st century hard-walled ‘bubble’. Touch the trees; place your bare feet on the soil, rocks and sand. Paddle in the water – or wild swim. Many city dwellers, and sadly many of their children too, lack nature-knowledge. And they are somewhat afraid.

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The past, distant and close, is embodied in all of us and this is a knowledge that affects us consciously or unconsciously as it interacts with our present in whatever way it can. We may be called upon to ‘pay our dues’ in some way unpaid from the past, to repeat sorrows and seeming injustices, or we may find ourselves delivering the produce of many harvests; delivering our gifts in the present so that our transgenerational lives can continue to work themselves out.

When you put into practise the act of remembering your true-self you touch the links and connections to your ancestors and may come to understand your present needs and challenges, or at least have a wider perspective on how to proceed to mend any broken threads of your intergenerational web; to rejoin and heal the wounds of disconnections and imbalance.

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As your auric vision develops you begin to see aura around everything and everyone. This will be exciting, seductive, distracting and confusing in various degrees. Remember that it is unethical to reveal what you see unless the individual has asked you to look at them with your inner sight.

Colours will exhibit different shades, shapes and positions round a body and the first you may see are light bluish white. Remember that you will be seeing the colours of others through the colour of your own aura, and that our own individual aura is unique to us.

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stone workMany shamans work with stones. For example, it is an ancient tradition of the Q’ero shamans from the mountains of Peru. Their belief, as ours, is that there is spirit in all things.

One of the practices that the Q’ero shamans have is the use of power stones. Work is brought about by the shamans’ strong belief in, and communication with, the spirits of the mineral kingdom, and by loving and caring for stones both as an integral part of nature, and as their individual stone representatives in their work; speaking with them, and creating a subtle energy through contact with them.

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A night sitting is intended as a personal quest and each participant should come with their own issue to sit out with. There may be preparation work during the month before, things to do and items to bring with you on the day. There will be a chance during the day before to work on your issue and choose your location within the given area. Anyone who arrives without the correct clothing, footwear etc. will not be able to participate.