Shamanic work

The shaman, traditional and modern, works by asking for help from his spirit guides, power animal helpers or teachers. The manner in which this help is delivered is up to the spirits as each individual is unique in their needs, and the help or advice comes in direct response to the shaman’s clear requests, on behalf of self or others. But, whether in a traditional or modern society, after the advice is delivered to you it is your responsibility to act on it, so that beneficial outcomes manifest in daily life.

Shamanic work encourages participants to take an active part in their reconnection, remembering and healing.

Learn to make a shamanic journey

shamanic work 1Connect with your spirit helpers and power animals
Explore the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
Consult the spirits for guidance
Deepen your connections to the spirit world
Create personal ritual
Ask for help

We each have our own life purpose. As we seek to remember our deep tasks and the gifts we bring when arriving into this lifetime, we can use shamanic techniques to help us identify our innermost needs and come to understand our human passions, interests and motivations.


The natural world and the manmade environment

shamanic work 2The Shaman works readily for the world – in the concrete car park, the leafy wood or the urban garden.


Healing Ways and Means

Power Retrieval
Soul retrieval
Soul fragment integration
Depossession and curse unravelling
Cleansing and balancing
Healing ritual


Ancestral Healing and Death and Life work

shamanic work 3Bereavement and grief ritual
Preparation and guidance during the last stages of life
Aftercare for those recently arrived in non-physical form
Hearing the ancestors’ voices
Healing your own ancestral line
Dealing with unfinished business

Shamans acknowledge that the power of the ancestors is always with us, and is available to those who work with respect and humility.