A grounded shamanic practice enables us to integrate and maintain all aspects of life in balance and harmony

Second Sunday of each month  |  Suffolk and North East Essex border

3 Rivers Shamanism was set up in 2008 to offer shamanic beginners, and more advanced practitioners, a safe and compassionate place in which to work alongside others on their personal, emotional or spiritual path. Members of the group develop their journeying skills, deepen connections to their spirit helpers and learn new techniques. They go forward in the knowledge that one or other of the group members will support them in their quest. We work with core shamanic principles which we have found bring personal development, healing and support on an ongoing basis.

3 Rivers Shamanism is a small, fluid group and people come along regularly, or occasionally as their family or working life allows. However, attending on a regular basis creates greater cohesion, and allows group energy to be maintained for our ceremonies and outdoor events.

You may want to use your shamanic practice ongoing personal development, or you can discover skills and techniques for healing, boosting creativity and enhancing community work.

Working with shamanism helps to put you in touch with your whole being and empowers you to be more in charge of your own life path. Instead of allowing others to say who you are, you learn to remember and love the person that you truly are, to develop your gifts, and reconnect to a deep assurance of our connectedness to all things.

If we have an overall aim it is to access the wisdom – advice, help and information - that will allow us to understand ourselves as humans in the world and our part in the present.

If you are new to shamanism you will need to learn basic shamanic journeying skills in order to participate fully in the sessions, If you are an ‘old hand’ then we welcome your experience. As a first point of contact for our group work or one-to-one, learning please use our email contact.

Annual summer visit to our rivers  -  The Stour, the Orwell and the Deben

Every year we ask our own spirits and the spirits of the three rivers, as they appear to us, what we can do for them. Then, to the best of our ability we do what is requested. In the summer months we visit, picnic and make offerings to the river spirits.

The Stour estuary at Mistley and Manningtree is lovely. One side of the river is in Suffolk and the other bank is in Essex. Resident swans, migratory geese and smaller wading birds are plentiful and the river here has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Little boats wait patiently for the incoming tide.

The Orwell estuary is deep enough to allow pleasure yachts and small boats up to its head at Ipswich. The river’s mouth between Felixstowe and Harwich is a busy container terminal and there is always something to watch.

The picturesque Deben estuary, a few miles up the coast at Woodbridge, has a narrow entrance and a fast tidal stream with shingle banks. Its small boatyards, birds, and the old Tide Mill (open to the public) are interesting to visit.